six_six_six_park_avenue1Debuting tonight on ABC, 666 PARK AVENUE hopes to be the network equivalent of cable’s award-winning AMERICAN HORROR STORY and, to a very large extent, succeeds wickedly. Set in the titular Manhattan luxury apartment owned by a couple wedded to each other as well as to their taste for the diabolical, the series is part ROSEMARY’S BABY and part THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE as it mixes horror and humor to delightful effect. Created by DAVID WILCOX and inspired by a series of novels by GABRIELLA PIERCE (also a co-writer on the series), the show’s  familiar cast is toplined by TERRY O’QUINN (LOST) and VANESSA WILLIAMS (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES).
Sitting down with O’QUINN and WILLIAMS at the recent Television Critics Association press tour, he talked about his character in the series.

666 PARK AVENUE debuts tonight on ABC-TV