wont_back_downIn theaters today, WON’T BACK DOWN centers on two moms who team up against an archaic bureaucracy to make a change in the inner-city school system that’s failing to deliver for their kids.
Co-written (with BRIN HILL) and directed by DANIEL BARNZ, the all-star cast includes MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL, VIOLA DAVIS, HOLLY HUNTER, ROSIE PEREZ and VING RHAMES.
Taken to task by many critics for  its perceived union-bashing stance and being financed by Denver billionaire (and notorious rightie) PHIL ANSCHUTZ, the film actually goes out of its way to remain fair and balanced . At the recent press conference to promote the movie, BARNZ and GYLLENHAAL spoke out in defense of the film’s message. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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WON’T BACK DOWN opens in theaters today