beetlejuiceWe trekked down to Disneyland last weekend to talk to the creative powers behind the upcoming Disney family film FRANKENWEENIE. The brainchild of filmmaker TIM BURTON, the film is a 3D, stop-motion animated expansion of a live-action short film he did back in 1984. A thoroughly delightful labor-of-love, FRANKENWEENIE is the story of an unusual reunion of a boy and his dog and features the voice talents of MARTIN LANDAU, CHRISTOPHER LEE, CATHERINE O’HARA, MARTIN SHORT, CONCHATA FERRELL and WINONA RYDER.
Despite the reunion of BEETLEJUICE stars RYDER and O’HARA in this film, BURTON doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about internet rumors that a BEETLEJUICE project is in the works. In this interview footage, the filmmaker admits he’s talked to a writer about a script but doesn’t appear too invested in the idea.

FRANKENWEENIE opens in theaters 10/5
The original BEETLEJUICE is available on DVD