hitrecord-tumblrSoon to be seen in the sci-fi, time-travel adventure LOOPER, JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT is spending quite a bit of his time and energy on an off-camera labor-of-love called hitREcord. An artistic collective formed on-line and designed to offer a creative space and sense of community to artists without other viable outlets, hitREcord has successfully published their first book (THE TINY BOOK OF TINY STORIES VOL. 1) and, just recently, their first collection of songs (MOVE ON THE SUN). Open to artists in almost all the creative fields, hiREcord is a fascinating idea and a delightful website worth spending a little time (and money) on. Earlier this week, we sat down with GORDON-LEVITT, who talked about hitREcord and how it works.

LOOPER opens in theaters tomorrow
Get your artistic juices flowing at www.hitREcord.org