pitch_perfect1Slated to hit the big screen later this week, PITCH PERFECT is an entertaining musical comedy set in the world of college level a cappella singing competitions. Part GLEE (a little) and part MEAN GIRLS (a lot), the film pits the girls against the boys while delivering fun tunes and sharp dialog. Directed by JASON MOORE from a script by KAY CANNON, the cast has KENDRICK joined by ELIZABETH BANKS, REBEL WILSON, ALEXIS KNAPP, BRITTANY SNOW, CHRISTOPHER MINTZ-PLASSE and JOHN MICHAEL HIGGINS. Certainly one of the highlights of PITCH PERFECT is the casting of relative unknown Australian actress/comedienne REBEL WILSON. A popular performer in her homeland “down under”, WILSON has been popping up stateside for a couple of years now. At the recent press conference to promote PITCH PERFECT, she talked about getting started in show biz. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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PITCH PERFECT opens in theaters Friday