three_two_one_frankie_go_boomSoon to be in limited release but available now via VOD, 3, 2, 1…FRANKIE GO BOOM is a fun (and funny) romantic comedy-cum-caper movie starring some very familiar faces. Written and directed by JORDAN ROBERTS, this off-beat film features SONS OF ANARCHY stars RON PERLMAN (in full drag, no less) and CHARLIE HUNNAM as well as CHRIS NOTH, NORA DUNN, CHRIS O’DOWD, LIZZY CAPLAN, ADAM PALLY and WHITNEY CUMMINGS.
We sat down with PERLMAN and ROBERTS last week to talk about the movie and it was obvious that the same guy who plays former Samcro leader Clay Morrow on S.O.A. got a kick out of donning a frock for FRANKIE. (WARNING: LANGUAGE NSFW)

3, 2, 1…FRANKIE GO BOOM opens  in limited release 10/12  and is available now via VOD