argo-poster-movie-ben-affleckIf critical response and word-of-mouth are to be trusted, it appears that one of the highlights of last week’s Toronto International Film Festival was ARGO, a political thriller that takes it’s cue from “a declassified true story” as it mixes high drama with wry wit in telling a story centered on the Iran hostage crises of 1979. Directed by and starring BEN AFFLECK from a screenplay by CHRIS TERRIO, the film’s cast also features BRYAN CRANSTON, JOHN GOODMAN, TAYLOR SCHLLING, KYLE CHANDLER, VICTOR GARBER, CLEA DuVALL and TATE DONOVAN. Paying attention to period detail, director AFFLECK does a great job outfitting his cast in a look appropriate to the times. That even applied to haircuts, which he talked about at the TIFF press conference last week. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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ARGO opens in theaters 10/12