nemoReturning to theaters after almost ten years, Disney’s animated classic FINDING NEMO has been dusted off, re-mastered and converted to digital 3D. One of the studio’s most popular and financially successful titles, the film was directed by ANDREW STANTON and LEE UNKRICH and featured the voice talents of ELLEN DeGENERES, ALBERT BROOKS, ALEXANDER GOULD, WILLEM DAFOE, BRAD GARRETT, ALLISON JANNEY and VICKI LEWIS. Especially popular with younger kids, FINDING NEMO spawned a sequel and more merchandising than you could throw a net over. Back in 2003, we traveled to the Northern California studios of Pixar to speak with ELLEN DeGENERES about her role as Dory ( innocent lead character of the film) and she talked about why kids loved Dory and how much she enjoyed voicing her. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

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FINDING NEMO 3D opens in theaters today