‘For A Good Time, Call…’ Director Jamie Travis Aims To Get Gay Character Straight

for_a_good_time_callOpening in theaters this week, FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL…centers on two college pals who subsidize life in a fabulous Manhattan apartment by taking jobs as phone sex workers. Directed by JAMIE TRAVIS from a script co-written by LAUREN MILLER and KATIE ANNE NAYLON, the film stars MILLER as well as ARI GRAYNOR, JUSTIN LONG, JAMES WOLK, MIMI ROGERS and DON McMANUS.
A hit at Sundance, FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL… is a funny, enjoyable female buddy movie that should please audiences troubling to seek it out. During our recent interview, director TRAVIS talked about putting the film together and how, as a gay man, it was important to get the character of the girl’s gay BFF right. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL… opens in theaters Friday

‘Birds’ Star Tippi Hedren Admits Hitchcock Wasn’t Always A Bad Guy

alfred-hitchcock-and-tippi-hedren-on-set-of-the-birdsSet to air on HBO later this fall, THE GIRL is a stunning behind-the-scenes docudrama detailing the almost inhuman behavior of director ALFRED HITCHCOCK towards his leading lady, TIPPI HEDREN, during the making of THE BIRDS and MARNIE. Depicted as a cruelly obsessed task-master guilty of the worst sort of harassment towards women, HITCHCOCK doesn’t fare too well as a result of the film. Directed by JULIAN JARROLD from a script by GWYNETH HUGHES, the cast includes TOBY JONES, SIENNA MILLER, IMELDA STAUNTON and PENELOPE WILTON.
HITCHCOCK’S bizarre behavior and strange relationships with many of his leading ladies have long been the stuff of rumor and speculation. One of the greatest legends involved his gift of a doll to HEDREN’S daughter, MELANIE GRIFFITH, that supposedly came in a coffin and scared the little girl out of her wits. During a press conference with several of the famous “Hitchcock Blondes” held a few years ago, HEDREN attempted to set the record straight. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

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THE GIRL is scheduled to air on HBO in October

Festival Favorite ‘Butter’ Takes Satirical Look At Red-State Righties

butter-poster-438x650Set for release this fall, BUTTER is a social satire focused on red-state, small town standards and set against the backdrop of competitive butter carving. Off-beat and quirky, the film obviously has a political agenda that doesn’t serve everyone but it does manage to deliver a few laughs that strike a universal chord. Directed by JIM FIELD SMITH from a script by feature film newbie JASON MICALLEF, the all-star ensemble cast includes JENNIFER GARNER, HUGH JACKMAN, OLIVIA WILDE, ROB CORDDRY, ALICIA SILVERSTONE, TY BURRELL and ASHLEY GREENE.
Playing a totally unlikable character (and about as different from her role in THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN as she could get), JENNIFER GARNER adds another winning performance to her resume. When we spoke with her a couple of weeks ago, she talked about these two completely diverse roles being released during the same season. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

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THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN is in theaters now
BUTTER is slated to hit theaters 10/4

Outrageous Requests Highlight The Reality Of ‘Beverly Hills Nannies’

beverly-hills-nanniesAiring tonight on ABC Family, BEVERLY HILLS NANNIES is a reality series focused on the underpaid and overworked members of the service community hired to look after the pampered kids living in one of the most privileged neighborhoods in the world. As part of a television landscape already littered with guilty pleasures, this show is one of the “guiltiest” of them all. During our recent interview at a Television Critics Association press event, KRISTIN LANCIONE (the young head of a Beverly Hills nanny agency) and JUSTIN SYLVESTER (a nanny plagued by outrageous requests) talked to us about aspects of the job.

BEVERLY HILLS NANNIES airs tonight on ABC Family

New To Blu: A Critical Flop At The Box Office, ‘Battleship’ Is Bound For Glory In Home Vid Market

battleship-blu-rayAvailable today on DVD and Blu-ray, BATTLESHIP might well find the respect it missed at the box office in the home video marketplace. An apocalyptic sci-fi adventure that has the navy doing its best to ward off attacking aliens hell bent on destroying the planet, BATTLESHIP is a jingoistic mess of a movie (with only a couple of redeeming qualities)  that appears to exist for no other reason than to blow stuff up. Directed by PETER BERG from a script by brothers ERICH and JON HOEBER, the cast of this epic CGI-fest are LIAM NEESON, TAYLOR KITSCH, ALEXANDER SKARSGARD, RIHANNA and BROOKLYN DECKER.
During interviews to promote the original release of the movie, hunky star TAYLOR KITSCH insisted that there is actually a love story between his and DECKER’S characters at the heart of the movie (if those darned aliens just hadn’t gotten in the way). (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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BATTLESHIP is available on DVD and Blu-ray today