Dakota Johnson And Nat Faxon Keep It All In The Family With ‘Ben & Kate’

ben_and_kate-350x5191Slated to make its official premiere next month on Fox-TV, BEN & KATE is a family (and family-friendly) sitcom centered on a brother and sister whose diametric philosophical and lifestyle choices only meet when it comes to the heath and well-being of Maddie, her 7-year-old daughter. Convinced that they can work in tandem, the titular two move in together to raise Maddie and, in a way, raise each other as well.

We recently sat down with the cast of BEN & KATE at a Television Critics Association press event where JOHNSON and FAXON filled us in on the characters they play on the show.

BEN & KATE officially debuts on Fox-TV 9/25

Not For The First Time Michael Keaton Steps Into A Fantasy Reboot

robocop-teaser-posterWord hit yesterday that MICHAEL KEATON has signed on the dotted line to replace HUGH LAURIE as corporate mogul Raymond Sellers in the upcoming ROBOCOP reboot. A re-working of the 1987 PAUL VERHOEVEN cult classic, shooting is scheduled to begin next month for an August 2013 release.
Under the direction of JOSE PADILHA, KEATON will be joining the already announced cast that includes JOEL KINNEMAN, GARY OLDMAN and SAMUEL L. JACKSON.
The last time MICHAEL KEATON stepped into a comic-book reboot, it was to take the titular role in director TIM BURTON’S 1989 game-changing classic BATMAN and the 1992 follow-up BATMAN RETURNS. It was back then KEATON gave us his thoughts about stepping into the role and doing a “reboot” rather than a “sequel.” (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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Both BATMAN and BATMAN RETURNS are available on DVD
ROBOCOP is scheduled for release 8/9/13

Ellen Barkin Calls Out Bigots Over ‘The New Normal’ Boycott

the-new-normal-tv-movie-poster-2012-1020751577Slated to debut on NBC next month, THE NEW NORMAL is the brainchild of GLEE creator RYAN MURPHY and follows the exploits of a committed gay couple who hire a surrogate to bring a child into their lives. It’s all played for laughs despite the hot-button issue at its core and, as would be expected, the show has become the target of some special-interest “family” groups and has even been taken off the schedule by KSL-TV, the NBC affiliate network in Utah.
ELLEN BARKIN, one of the stars of the series, has been very vocal in her response to the protests and has received plenty of attention because of statements she’s posted on her Twitter account. During a lengthy phone interview yesterday, BARKIN talked about the fracas. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE NEW NORMAL debuts on NBC 9/11

Stand-Up Comic Mike Birbiglia Brings ‘Sleepwalk With Me’ To The Big Screen

sleepwalk-smallLike WOODY ALLEN and LOUIS CK, stand-up comic MIKE BIRBIGLIA has a firm handle on what he thinks is funny and how it should be brought to life on the big screen. Based on his one-man show, SLEEPWALK WITH ME is a new film written and directed by, as well as starring, BIRBIGLIA and tells the amusing and moving story of a struggling comic trying to balance life on the road and a burgeoning love life. Working with producer IRA GLASS (radio’s popular THIS AMERICAN LIFE), BIRBIGLIA was granted a pretty free hand to deliver the film that he envisioned. And, while he certainly exhibits all the signs of being an auteur filmmaker, he admitted during our interview earlier this week that filmmaking is truly a collaborative art.

SLEEPWALK WITH ME is currently in limited release in NYC and opens in Los Angeles Friday

‘Possession’ Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan Suggests Film Set May Have Been Possessed

possession_ver2Opening in theaters this week, THE POSSESSION is the standard tale of an antique box possessed by an extremely malicious ancient spirit and its affect on the family that purchases it at a yard sale. Directed by OLE BORNEDAL from a script by JULIET SNOWDEN and STILES WHITE, the cast includes NATASHA CALLS, KYRA SEDGWICK, JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN, JAY BRAZEAU, MADISON DAVENPORT and GRANT SHOW.
Doing his bit to drum up a little human interest in the filming of THE POSSESSION, actor JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN entertained reporters at yesterday’s press conference by relating his spooky experiences on the (apparently) spooky set of the (hopefully) spooky film. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE POSSESSION opens in theaters Friday