Former ‘Kyle XY’ Star Comes Of Age On ABC Family Sitcom ‘Baby Daddy’

baby-daddy-key-artAiring tonight on ABC Family, BABY DADDY is a familiar looking sitcom centered on a single father trying to raise his infant daughter with a not-so-able assist from his brother and best friend. With more than just a passing nod to the classic film THREE MEN AND A BABY, series creator DANIEL BERENDSEN has crafted a funny, family-friendly comedy that succeeds largely because of the chemistry between stars JEAN-LUC BILODEAU, TAHJ MOWRY and DEREK THELER.
Probably best known for his role on the hugely popular cult series KYLE XY, JEAN-LUC BILODEAU is a long-time veteran of ABC Family shows and recently talked to us about his history with the network and the fan following of KYLE XY.

BABY DADDY airs tonight on ABC Family

Jennifer Garner Couldn’t Help But Bond With Young ‘Odd Life…’ Co-Star

garner-adams-edgertonTHE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN is a Capra-esque take on home and family that relies heavily on the audience’s suspension of disbelief as a childless couple finds the son of their dreams right in their own backyard. Written and directed by PETER HEDGES, the completely charming and photogenic cast features JENNIFER GARNER, JOEL EDGERTON and beguiling newcomer CJ ADAMS.
A real-life mom herself (she and husband BEN AFFLECK have three wee ones), GARNER bonded immediately with her young co-star CJ ADAMS. During our recent interview, she admitted that they’ll probably be connected for a long time. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN is now playing in theaters.

Joey Lawrence Recalls Dancing With Chippendale And His ‘Magic Mike’ Period

melissa-joey-key-artAiring tonight on ABC Family, MELISSA & JOEY is the popular sitcom centered on a single woman politician charged with the care of her niece and nephew and the ‘manny’ she hires to manage the kids and household. Created by DAVID KENDALL and BOB YOUNG, the show stars MELISSA JOAN HART, JOEY LAWRENCE, TAYLOR SPREITLER and NICK ROBINSON.
A former child actor who fans have literally watched grow up on their TV screens, JOEY LAWRENCE has transformed from a wise-cracking mop-topped kid to a buffed, cut, hunky male sex symbol who, earlier this year, stepped in as a celebrity guest star to join the Las Vegas troupe of the internationally famous Chippendale dancers. During our recent interview at the Television Critics Association, he talked about what he jokingly referred to as his ‘Magic Mike’ period.

A new episode of MELISSA & JOEY airs tonight on ABC Family

Joseph Gordon Levitt Goes Brakeless With ‘Premium Rush’

928290 - Premium Rush With the buzz surrounding Looper and the rumors of a Dark Knight spinoff with Robin reportedly in the offing, Joseph Gordon Levitt’s at an all-time high career wise.  What’s slightly flying under the radar is his next movie, the adrenaline pumping action film Premium Rush.

Playing an ace NYC bike messenger named Wilee, Levitt weaves around the Big Apple trying to elude a corrupt, emotionally volatile cop (Michael Shannon).  Wilee is in possession of a valuable ticket that the cop needs to clear his debts, and although he’s skilled at weaving in and out of traffic, eluding the NYPD isn’t an easy task.

David Koepp, one of Hollywood’s most in demand screenwriters, directs Premium Rush (he also co-wrote the screenplay).  Some writers turned directors don’t have a strong visual sense with their material, but his previous directing efforts, most notably Secret Window and Stir of Echoes, show a filmmaker who actually knows how to use a camera (the cinematographer behind Premium Rush is Mitchell Amundsen, who lensed the underrated action feature Wanted).

In the following audio clip, Mr. Koepp talks about what interesting action aspects of Premium Rush:

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Premium Rush, co-starring Dania Ramirez (Entourage), opens August 24th.

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They Said It Couldn’t Be Done: Tom And Roseanne Make Nice On Celebrity Roast

tom-arnold-roseanne-roastAs celebrity roasts go, last weekend’s Comedy Central tribute to the legendary ROSEANNE was a resounding success. Hosted by GLEE star JANE LYNCH and featuring such stand-out stand-up talent as JEFF ROSS, SETH GREEN, CARRIE FISHER and (a surprisingly hilarious) ELLEN BARKIN, the fast and furious humor was decidedly and expectedly off-color and insulting. The show gets extra credit for the reunion of ROSEANNE with ex-husband TOM ARNOLD, who took the dais for a few good-natured barbs before leaving the stage on a sweetly sentimental (if not completely uncomfortable) note. Divorced and incommunicado for eighteen years, the couple actually seemed relieved to have this long-solidifying ice broken despite their acrimonious and extremely public break-up.
Sitting down with entertainment reporters to promote his upcoming film HIT & RUN, ARNOLD talked about doing the roast and his moment with ex-wife ROSEANNE. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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HIT AND RUN opens in theaters 8/22