Logan Lerman Comes One Step Closer To Moviemaking Goal With ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’

perks_of_being_a_wallflowerArriving in theaters next month, THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER is the big screen adaptation of STEPHEN CHBOSKY’S best selling young adult novel of the same name and follows the adolescent coming-of-age of a 15-year-old high schooler trying to cope with first love, loss and mental illness. Directed and scripted by CHBOSKY, the film features captivating and completely committed performances from leads LOGAN LERMAN, EMMA WATSON and EZRA MILLER.
As a first-time director, CHBOSKY is to be congratulated for his perfect casting choices and for his guidance in getting such great performances. We’re long time fans of LERMAN’S work and have been interviewing him since his start in the TV series JACK & BOBBY, at the age of 12. Always very serious about his work, he told us a few years ago what his biggest goal is in the business. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER opens in theaters 9/20

Fans Of Best Selling Author Mitch Albom Counting The Minutes Until Release Of ‘The Time Keeper’

time-keeper-coverSlated for release next week, THE TIME KEEPER is best-selling author MITCH ALBOM’S seventh book and, once again, evokes his signature spare prose in an effort to inspire and provoke thought. A fable for and about our time, the story centers on the origin of Father Time and how he is sentenced to save the lives of two earthly people with no proper appreciation for what is, arguably, God’s greatest gift. We recently sat down with ALBOM to talk about the new book and he described its genesis and story.

THE TIME KEEPER will be released on 9/4

Inspired By Actual Events, ‘The Possession’ Hits Theaters Today

possessionArriving today in theaters, THE POSSESSION is the fairly stock tale of an antique box possessed by an extremely malicious ancient spirit and the disastrous affect it has on the family that purchased  it at a yard sale. Directed by OLE BORNEDAL from a script by JULIET SNOWDEN and STILES WHITE, the cast includes NATASHA CALLS, KYRA SEDGWICK, JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN, JAY BRAZEAU, MADISON DAVENPORT and GRANT SHOW.
During the recent Los Angeles press conference to promote the film, screenwriters STILES WHITE and JULIET SNOWDEN talked about the genesis of the project and the L. A. Times article that inspired it. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

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THE POSSESSION opens in theaters today

TV Legend Henry Winkler Comes Clean On The Lengthy Success Of ‘Happy Days’

happy-daysReturning next month (finally!) for the 9/19  season finale of the hit USA series ROYAL PAINS, recurring star (and TV legend) HENRY WINKLER brings his usual off-beat sensibility to the delightfully charming show that has become one of the network’s biggest hits. Part medical procedural drama and part character driven comedy, the series consistently managed to be an “under-the-radar” crowd pleaser until becoming what is arguably the jewel in the USA programming crown. We sat down recently at a Television Critics Association press event with WINKLER and series star MARK FEUERSTEIN to talk about the success of the show and the former “Fonz” offered up his thoughts on what made his long-time series HAPPY DAYS such a phenomenal success.

ROYAL PAINS airs Wednesdays on USA
All eleven seasons of HAPPY DAYS are available on DVD

A Delightful Odd Couple Makes DVD Debut With ‘Nate & Margaret’

nate_margaretAvailable this week on DVD, NATE & MARGARET is a charming comedy/drama centered on the quirky relationship between a 19-year-old film student and a 52-year-old struggling stand-up comic who find love and support in their odd but understandable friendship. Co-written (with JUSTIN D.M. PALMER) and directed by NATHAN ADLOFF, the cast of (slightly) familiar faces includes NATALIE WEST (ROSEANNE), TYLER ROSS (SEARCHING FOR DAVID’S HEART) and GABY HOFFMAN (200 CIGARETTES).
Reminiscent of HAL ASHBY’S classic 1971 film HAROLD AND MAUDE, NATE & MARGARET is a touching story of friendship that deserves to find an audience.

NATE & MARGARET is available now on DVD