A Father/Son Reunion Highlights Upcoming Episode Of ‘Anger Management’

charlie-sheentcaIn the recently debuted FX sitcom ANGER MANAGEMENT, former TWO AND A HALF MEN star CHARLIE SHEEN plays “Charlie”, a successful, private-practice therapist with non-traditional theories (and a short-fuse) specializing in anger management. With a successful private practice and a couch full of very quick-tempered patients, SHEEN shares the screen with series regulars SELMA BLAIR, SHAWNEE SMITH, MICHAEL BOATMAN, BARRY CORBIN, BRETT BUTLER, MICHAEL ARDEN and NOUREEN DeWULF.
During Saturday’s TCA press conference to promote the show, it was intimated that the series will be given its much publicized 90-episode pickup and that MARTIN SHEEN (CHARLIE’S real-life dad) will be signing on for a recurring role. Fielding questions from the audience, CHARLIE confessed that his dad’s film APOCALYPSE NOW is his favorite all-time movie and explained why. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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ANGER MANAGEMENT airs Thursday nights on FX

Russell Brand Coming Back For Another Helping Of ‘Brand X’

russell-brand-tcaHot on the heels of the news that his late-night series BRAND X has been renewed for another season, RUSSELL BRAND took to the stage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to address entertainment reporters at a Television Critics Association press conference. Proclaiming that the show will undergo a few cosmetic and format changes, including the inclusion of celebrity guests, BRAND proceeded to answer questions with his usual candor and spontaneity. Asked for his idea of a perfect “get”, BRAND focused on a certain former governor/vice-presidential candidate. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO) LANGUAGE NSFW!!!!
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BRAND X returns for another season on FX this fall

‘AI Weiwei: Never Sorry’ – An Artist’s Provocative Relationship With China

weiwei2First time filmmaker Alison Klayman started shooting her documentary on Ai Weiwei back in 2008, and AI Weiwei: Never Sorry gives viewers a closer look at the artist and his pointed criticisms of China’s political climate.  Through the use of his artwork and social media (Mr. Ai is an avid Twitter user), Mr. Ai has expressed his passion for individual rights, even to the detriment of his own welfare.  Although Klayman’s project, which opened last week in New York and this Friday in Los Angeles,  one of the film’s main challenges is to get it actually distributed in China.

“For China, forget it,” says Klayman, whose documentary was also featured in various fests, including the Sundance Film Festival.  “There is not any possibility of having an official screening whether it’s a festival, really even in a museum or certainly in theaters.  There is a lot of interest every day on Twitter at this point I just don’t know what to say.  Every day in Chinese people are saying ‘How do I see the movie’ or ‘How come I can’t find the download link.’  Which is really good because it hasn’t been pirated just yet.”

Klayman, however, may see a positive side at the prospect of pirating her documentary.  “There is an interest in pirating it and there is an interest in seeing it and the way it’s going to be done is in that underground way that Weiwei’s own films get distributed.  I have many people on alert for the day it shows up in DVD shops in Beijing and I may be one of the most excited filmmakers to hear that their film is being pirated in China.”

I asked the filmmaker about the challenges of crafting her documentary with an even eye, especially since she understandably developed a rapport with Weiwei.  To hear her answer, click on the following link:

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‘Legit’ Star D.J. Qualls Credits Ill-Health And Bad Diet For Show-Biz Success

dj-qualls-tcaSoon to be joining the FX comedy line-up, LEGIT is a half-hour sitcom centered on an Australian comic’s misguided attempts to go legitimate in his life. Over-the-top and in highly questionable taste, the show is a perfect fit for the FX brand. Created by PETER O’FALLON, the cast includes JIM JERRERIES, D.J. QUALLS, MINDY STERLING, GILLIAN VIGMAN and DAN BAKKEDAHL.
A comedy mainstay known for his dissipated appearance, D.J. QUALLS is familiar to fans of such films as ROAD TRIP and THE NEW GUY and is perfectly cast here as a hospital patient with a terminal disease. At a TCA press conference over the weekend, QUALLS admitted that his scrawny looks have served him well in movies and television. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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LEGIT debuts on FX this fall

With ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Jimmy Smits Jumps Aboard A ‘Moving Train’

smits-perrineau-soaReturning for its fifth season on FX, the popular dynastic drama SONS OF ANARCHY promises bigger and bolder action as the new season introduces new characters and a whole new set of problems for the beleaguered SAMCRO biker gang. Created by KURT SUTTER, the show will have incoming cast members JIMMY SMITS and HAROLD PERRINEAU joining regulars RON PERLMAN, CHARLIE HUNNAM, KATEY SAGAL and KIM COATES.
No stranger to joining established TV series already in progress, JIMMY SMITS talked to entertainment reporters over the weekend at the Television Critics Association about his new hookup with SONS OF ANARCHY. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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Season five of SONS OF ANARCHY begins 9/11 on FX