high_school_xlgIn the upcoming stoner-comedy HIGH SCHOOL, a teen valedictorian smokes his first joint only to discover the student body is expected to be drug tested the next day. Teaming up with the school’s top stoner, he devises a plan to get the entire student body wasted on pot-laced brownies as a diversionary tactic. Co-written (with ERIK LINTHORST and STEPHEN SUSCO) and directed by JOHN STALBERG, the cast includes ADRIEN BRODY, MICHAEL CHIKLIS, COLIN HANKS, MATT BUSH, MYKELTI WILLIAMSON, SEAN MARQUETTE and YEARDLEY SMITH.
We caught up with COLIN HANKS last week to talk about the film and he explained how he got involved. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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HIGH SCHOOL opens in theaters tomorrow