chernobyl-diaries-posterIn the new teen horror film CHERNOBYL DIARIES, six young American tourists hire an extreme tour guide to take them to a deserted town said to be abandoned in the wake of the notorious Chernobyl nuclear meltdown disaster. While there, they discover the town isn’t quite as deserted as they thought. Directed by first-timer BRADLEY PARKER, the cast includes JESSE McCARTNEY, JONATHAN SADOWSKI, OLIVIA DUDLEY, DEVIN KELLEY, NATHAN PHILLIPS and INGRID BOLSA BERDAL.
Produced and co-written by OREN PELI (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY), the film is a campy fright-fest that offers the usual jump-cut scares and a fun cast. In a studio generated interview to promote the movie, PELI talked about getting the right emotions out of his actors. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE CHERNOBYL DIARIES opens in theaters today