awake-season-1-posterAiring its last episode tonight, AWAKE is a complex psychological thriller about a police detective trying to cope with what appears to be a double life. Following a tragic car accident, he finds himself awake in two separate realities: one where his teen son died in the crash and his wife survived; and another where his wife died leaving he and his son to pick up the pieces. Despite working with psychiatrists in both worlds, he’s unable to distinguish which life is real and which is a dream. The cast includes JASON ISAACS, LAURA ALLEN, WILMER VALDERRAMA, CHERRY JONES, B.D. WONG and DYLAN MINNETTE.
That the series is biting the dust after just one season is probably more due to its complicated plot line than any lack of effort on the part of the stars. During our interview with ISAACS at the Television Critics Association press event, he talked about how exhausting the work on this show was.

The series finale of AWAKE airs tonight on NBC