god_bless_america1Still in select theaters and available via VOD, the immensely entertaining GOD BLESS AMERICA is the latest dark treat from the always subversive former comic- turned- filmmaker BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT. It’s part social satire and part loud, angry rant against the decline of social behavior. Written and directed by GOLDTHWAIT, the film stars JOEL MURRAY and TARA LYNNE BARR as a mismatched team of vigilantes traveling across the country on a mission to kill the people they feel are ruining American culture. Potshots are taken at several very familiar and recognizable targets that some may consider swings at low-hanging fruit but there’s a reason for  GOLDTHWAIT’S choices. During our recent interview, he explained how he chose who and what to focus on. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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GOD BLESS AMERICA is in select theaters and available via VOD