moonrise-kingdom-movie-image-edward-nortonIn select theaters this week, MOONRISE KINGDOM is a wry coming-of-age story set in a 1960’s New England town where a young boy and girl attempt to run away together and spark a community-wide mobilization to track them down. Co-written (with ROMAN COPPOLA) and directed by WES ANDERSON, the all-star ensemble cast includes EDWARD NORTON, BRUCE WILLIS, BILL MURRAY, TILDA SWINTON, HARVEY KEITEL, FRANCES McDORMAND, JASON SCHWARTZMAN and BOB BALABAN as well as newcomers JARED GILMAN and KARA HAYWARD.
Known for his collaborations with actors he’s hired in the past, ANDERSON has built a loyal and devoted acting troupe that many actors would love to be admitted to. During the Cannes press conference, ED NORTON talked about why he wanted to be a part of the group. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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MOONRISE KINGDOM opens in theaters tomorrow