meninblack3poster-large-sfmovies1220Opening in theaters this week, MEN IN BLACK 3 is a time travel adventure that reunites WILL SMITH, TOMMY LEE JONES and director BARRY SONNENFELD as well as introducing JOSH BROLIN as a younger version of JONES’ character. Given the film’s turbulent beginning, it’s a miracle it’s actually made it to the big screen. Rumors of unrest on the set, starting production without a finished script and assorted schedule conflicts all contributed to the feeling that this third installment in the  popular MEN IN BLACK franchise was doomed from the get-go. During our recent interview, director SONNENFELD laughed off the suggestion that the project was ever in trouble and told a great story about the making of his 1995 feature GET SHORTY. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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MEN IN BLACK 3 opens in theaters Friday