bag_of_hammersSoon to be seen as KATHLEEN TURNER’S ne’er-do-well son in the satiric dramedy THE PERFECT FAMILY, actor JASON RITTER will follow with another offbeat film titled A BAG OF HAMMERS. A comedy/drama hybrid, the film centers on a couple of irresponsible petty thieves who refuse to grow up until an abandoned child forces their hand. Co-written (with star JAKE SANDVIG) and directed by BRIAN CRANO, the cast also includes CHANDLER CANTERBURY, REBECCA HALL, CARRIE PRESTON, TODD LOUISO, AMANDA SEYFRIED and GABRIEL MACHT.
During our interview last week, RITTER talked about the film and what we can expect. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE PERFECT FAMILY opens in theaters and on VOD Friday
A BAG OF HAMMERS isn’t yet scheduled for release