Colin Hanks Goes Back To ‘High School’ In New Stoner Comedy

high_school_xlgIn the upcoming stoner-comedy HIGH SCHOOL, a teen valedictorian smokes his first joint only to discover the student body is expected to be drug tested the next day. Teaming up with the school’s top stoner, he devises a plan to get the entire student body wasted on pot-laced brownies as a diversionary tactic. Co-written (with ERIK LINTHORST and STEPHEN SUSCO) and directed by JOHN STALBERG, the cast includes ADRIEN BRODY, MICHAEL CHIKLIS, COLIN HANKS, MATT BUSH, MYKELTI WILLIAMSON, SEAN MARQUETTE and YEARDLEY SMITH.
We caught up with COLIN HANKS last week to talk about the film and he explained how he got involved. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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HIGH SCHOOL opens in theaters tomorrow

Benjamin Walker Confident That Abe Lincoln Would Have Made A Great Hero

abraham_lincoln_vampire_hunter_ver3Due in theaters next month, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER is based on the popular novel by best-selling author SETH GRAHAME-SMITH (whose latest novel, UNHOLY NIGHT, just hit the stands last week). The highly anticipated big-screen adaptation is directed by TIMUR BEKMAMBETOV and stars BENJAMIN WALKER, RUFUS SEWELL, MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD, ALAN TUDYK, DOMINIC COOPER, ANTHONY MACKIE and JIMMI SIMPSON.
We spoke with WALKER recently and he seemed genuinely taken with his titular character in the film. According to the actor, ABE LINCOLN would have been a perfect candidate to be an actual hero. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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Oscar Winner Colleen Atwood Designed Snow White’s Costume For Action

snow-white-and-the-huntsman11Opening in theaters tomorrow, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN is the darker of this year’s two projects based on the popular fairy tale involving a beautiful princess, an evil queen, a charming prince and a cottage full of dwarfs. Unlike the ‘campy’ MIRROR MIRROR, this incarnation is a “more traditional” telling of the story and has the huntsman charged with taking Snow into the woods for execution, then becoming her protector and mentor. Directed by RUPERT SANDERS, the cast includes KRISTEN STEWART, CHRIS HEMSWORTH, CHARLIZE THERON, TOBY JONES, IAN McSHANE, NICK FROST and SAM CLAFLIN.
Nominated for nine Academy Awards and winner of three, costume designer COLLEEN ATWOOD is largely responsible for the stylish and inventive look of the film. She takes her work very seriously and produces some amazing wardrobes. During our recent interview, she talked about the painstaking attention-to-detail that went into creating the clothes for Snow White. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN opens in theaters tomorrow

Denis Leary’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Connection Gets Him A Homeland Security Pass

denis_learyComing to theaters later this summer, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is director MARC WEBB’S much buzzed about reboot of the popular franchise directed by SAM RAIMI. Another origin story, the film will chronicle how nerdy high school student Peter Parker acquires the amazing powers that turn him into one of Marvel Comics most popular superheroes . Heading the cast is ANDREW GARFIELD, EMMA STONE, RHYS IFANS, SALLY FIELD, DENIS LEARY, MARTIN SHEEN, C. THOMAS HOWELL and EMBETH DAVIDTZ.
At a TCA press conference held a few months ago, LEARY was asked about his involvement in the SPIDER-MAN franchise (in which he’ll play former cop and Spidey supporter George Stacy) and he recounted an incident where this proved confusing to fans who often mistake him for actor WILLEM DeFOE. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN opens in theaters 7/3

Director Christopher Nolan Wants Audiences Surprised When ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

dark_knight_rises_ver16Arriving in theaters later this summer, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is the highly anticipated third and (supposedly) final entry in director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN’S atmospheric BATMAN series. Shrouded in the usual secrecy, all fans know about the film is that its story and script are a result of the collaboration of NOLAN, his brother JONATHAN and DAVID GOYER and that the cast will include CHRISTIAN BALE, ANNE HATHAWAY, LIAM NEESON, MICHAEL CAINE, TOM HARDY and JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT.  Speaking recently to reporters about the film, CHRISTOPHER NOLAN admitted that keeping secrets is tough in today’s high-tech, social-networking society but stressed his reason for wanting to keep things under wraps. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is slated for release 7/20