Zac Efron Did Due Diligence To Research ‘The Lucky One’

lucky_oneIn theaters this week, THE LUCKY ONE is a deeply romantic drama centering on a marine vet returning to the States from his third tour of duty in the Middle East determined to find the anonymous woman pictured in a photograph he found and credits with his still being alive. Based on the novel by NICHOLAS SPARKS, the film is directed by SCOTT HICKS from an adapted screenplay by WILL FETTERS and stars ZAC EFRON, TAYLOR SCHILLING, BLYTHE DANNER, ADAM LEFEVRE, JAY R. FERGUSON and RILEY THOMAS STEWART.

Probably best known for his song-and-dance work in the HAIRSPRAY and the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL franchise, EFRON took his role as a war weary Marine combat vet very seriously. During our recent interview, he talked about spending time with real soldiers in the interest of authenticity. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE LUCKY ONE opens in theaters Friday



Since 2010, seven Nicolas Cage films been released, and out of that batch, Kick-Ass is the crown jewel of the bunch, with Trespass serving as a cinematic lowpoint for Cage and Nicole KidmanSeeking Justice, which stars Cage as Will Gerard, a mild mannered teacher and loving husband whose wife (Mad Men’s January Jones) is brutally attacked, hits Blu-ray & DVD June 19th (the feature had a brief theatrical release).  Guy Pearce (Lockout) is Simon, the head of a vigilante organization who offers to have the criminal killed if Will returns the favor (think Strangers on a Train meets Death Wish).

Although it’s neither Cage or director Roger Donaldson’s (The Bank Job, Species) finest moment, they do make Seeking Justice a highly watchable potboiler . Special features on the DVD and Blu-ray versions include a behind the scenes featurette, which includes interviews with Donaldson and Cage, along with select members of the cast and crew.  Harold Perrineau, best known for his work on the TV series Lost and Oz, also stars as Cage’s close friend and co-worker.

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‘The Five-Year Engagement’: Earnest Exploration Disguised As Comedy

five_year_engagementOpening in theaters later this month, THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT is a very funny comedy that charts the ups-and-downs of an engaged couple as they wend their way to the altar. Produced by JUDD APATOW and directed by NICHOLAS STOLLER, the cast includes JASON SEGEL, EMILY BLUNT, CHRIS PRATT, ALISON BRIE, MIMI KENNEDY, DAVID PAYMER, JACKI WEAVER and JANE CARR.
We sat down with co-writer/star JASON SEGEL last week and he talked about how he wanted to write a comedy that actually said something about the human (romantic) condition. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT opens in theaters 4/27

Miley Cyrus Looking Forward To Release Of Big Screen Drama ‘LOL’

lol-poster-final-approved120203075918Set for a limited theatrical release next month, LOL is the American adaptation of a French film that tells of the strained relationship between a promiscuous single mother and her confused teenaged daughter. Adapted for the American screen and directed by LISA AZUELOS, the film stars MILEY CYRUS, DEMI MOORE, ASHLEY GREEN, ADAM G. SEVANI, DOUGLAS BOOTH, GINA GERSHON, AUSTIN NICHOLS, THOMAS JANE and FISHER STEVENS.
We sat down with MILEY CYRUS last year and she talked about how excited she was to be doing a film that took her out of her comfort zone.

LOL is slated for limited release 5/4

‘The Raven’ Shows It Was All About Fame (Not Fortune) For Author Edgar Allen Poe

ravenInspired by the life and hard times of famed author EDGAR ALLEN POE, the upcoming drama THE RAVEN tells the fictional story of a killer copying the murders committed in POE’S writings. Together with a determined detective, the author is drawn into the search for the madman. Directed by JAMES McTEIGUE, the cast includes JOHN CUSACK, ALICE EVE, LUKE EVANS, BRENDAN GLEESON and KEVIN McNALLY.
As POE, actor JOHN CUSACK turns in a terrific performance as the tortured genius as he became one of the most acclaimed authors of his time yet died penniless in a hovel. At last week’s press conference to promote the film, CUSACK talked about how POE was as infamous as he was famous. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE RAVEN opens in theaters 4/27