cabin-in-the-woods-poster2In theaters this week, the comedy/horror send-up THE CABIN IN THE WOODS has been getting great word-of-mouth since being screened at the recent SxSW Festival. Co-written (with cult fave JOSS WHEDON) and directed by DREW GODDARD, the cast features RICHARD JENKINS, BRADLEY WHITFORD, JESSE WILLIAMS, CHRIS HEMSWORTH, KRISTEN CONNOLLY and ANNA HUTCHISON. We can’t really divulge the characters that WHITFORD and JENKINS portray for fear of the “spoiler police” but we can say that they provide ample comic relief from the horrific action. We spoke with the two of them last week and WHITFORD admitted he’d just seen the finished film with an audience and loved the reaction it got. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE CABIN IN THE WOODS opens in theaters Friday