Armie Hammer Falls Under Julia Roberts’ Spell In ‘Mirror Mirror’

mirror-mirror-armie-hammer-and-julia-robertsArriving in theaters today, MIRROR MIRROR retells and completely reimagines the classic GRIMM BROTHERS’ SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS fairy tale. Aimed at the ‘pre-teen’ and ‘family’ set, the film nowhere near captures the dark, gothic atmosphere of its source material. Directed by TARSEM SINGH, the cast includes JULIA ROBERTS, LILY COLLINS, ARMIE HAMMER, NATHAN LANE and a bastion of great (and very game) little people character actors.
Played completely for laughs, ARMIE HAMMER’S goofball performance as Prince Alcott is as over-the-top as possible. At one point he’s bewitched by JULIA ROBERTS’ evil queen character into believing he’s a dog. At the press conference to promote the movie he talked about the experience. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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MIRROR MIRROR opens in theaters today


plu3 With  Transformers, Cowboys & Aliens, Star Trek, and Mission: Impossible III under his belt, screenwriter/producer Alex Kurtzman decided to venture into an entirely different genre with his directorial debut, People Like Us.

Opening June 29th, the DreamWorks feature stars Star Trek’s Chris Pine as Sam, a salesman who’s way over his head in debt.  When his late father leaves $150,000 to the sister (Elizabeth Banks) Sam never knew he had, he ingratiates himself into her life without spilling the beans about the cash.

The movie also stars Cowboys & Aliens director Jon Favreau and the sci-fi/Western film’s lead actress, Olivia Wilde.  After watching Pine kill it on the Los Angeles stage a couple of summers ago in The Lieutenant of Inishmore (he played a cat loving terrorist), I’ve been waiting for the actor to sink his teeth into something a bit more character driven than Unstoppable and This Means WarPeople Like Us, blessed with a stellar cast (including Michelle Pfeiffer), could be that vehicle. Check out the trailer below:

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Sam Worthington Admits It Took Work Going From ‘Clash’ To ‘Wrath’

wrath-of-the-titans-bannerIn theaters tomorrow, WRATH OF THE TITANS is the sequel to the 2010 sword-and-sandal epic CLASH OF THE TITANS. As before, the story draws heavily from the Greek myths but, unlike before, an explicit family dynamic has been added. Directed by JONATHAN LIEBESMAN, the cast includes SAM WORTHINGTON, LIAM NEESON, RALPH FIENNES, ROSAMUND PIKE, BILL NIGHY, DANNY HUSTON and LILY JAMES.

At last week’s press conference to promote the film, SAM WORTHINGTON talked about some issues he had with the first film and elements that were taken into consideration before getting the sequel off the ground. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO) LANGUAGE NSFW
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WRATH OF THE TITANS opens in theaters tomorrow

Garrett Hedlund Goes ‘On The Road’ To Bring Back The Beats

on_the_roadSoon to begin a roll-out release, the much anticipated big screen adaptation of the classic JACK KEROUAC novel ON THE ROAD is certainly taking its time getting to the screen. Directed by WALTER SALLES from a script by JOSE RIVERA, the cast includes GARRETT HEDLUND, KRISTEN STEWART, AMY ADAMS, STEVE BUSCEMI, KIRSTEN DUNST, ELISABETH MOSS and VIGGO MORTENSEN. First published in book form in 1957, KEROUAC’S novel was immediately embraced by post-war youth and considered to be one of just a few voices of “the beat generation”. In our last interview with HEDLUND, he talked about his rural background  and how important it was to this project. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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ON THE ROAD is scheduled for a May release abroad and a winter release here in the States

‘Abe Lincoln’ Wows The WonderCon Crowd With New Trailer

abraham_lincoln_vampire_hunterMaking its upcoming release known earlier this month at WonderCon, ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE KILLER premiered a new trailer and trotted out its star for a fanboy meet-and-greet. Based on the popular novel by SETH GRAHAME-SMITH, the big-screen adaptation is directed by TIMUR BEKMAMBETOV and stars BENJAMIN WALKER, RUFUS SEWELL, MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD, ALAN TUDYK, DOMINIC COOPER, ANTHONY MACKIE and JIMMI SIMPSON. 
We caught up with the always entertaining WALKER, who talked about the creative team that transformed him into the titular character and why LINCOLN would make such a great slayer. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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