hunger-games-movie-wp_cato1The world of THE HUNGER GAMES was originally inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Theseus, who would regularly send groups of teens into a deadly arena to battle a Minotaur. That, along with her observations of “reality tv” and war coverage, gave author SUZANNE COLLINS the germ of an idea that eventually spawned three young adult best selling novels.
In her books, 24 young citizens (called “tributes”) of 12 districts are chosen by lottery to fight to the death in a televised arena battle. Cato, one of the chosen from District 2, is known for being fearsomely dangerous, physically and mentally strong as well as completely ruthless.
We recently sat down with ALEXANDER LUDWIG (the actor who plays Cato in the film) and asked whether his character  should be considered a villain or just a kid forced by circumstance to try to win the game. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE HUNGER GAMES opens in theaters today