joshhutchersonpeetamellarkhungergamesWhen former child-star JOSH HUTCHERSON brings to life the character of Peeta Mellark in the big-screen adaptation of SUZANNE COLLINS’ young-adult bestseller THE HUNGER GAMES, there’s little doubt that ‘tween and teen (and maybe some middle-aged) hearts will flutter. His, blond, boy-next-door good looks perfectly represent the District 12 baker’s son destined for certain death in the titular duel. Co-written and directed by GARY ROSS, THE HUNGER GAMES truly delivers the goods in casting the right people in iconic roles. A popular performer who managed to make the change from kid actor to teen hunk, HUTCHERSON admitted during our recent interview that he became a huge fan of the books only after hearing about plans to make the movie. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE HUNGER GAMES opens in theaters 3/23