project-x-poster1Coming to theaters this week, PROJECT X is a very hard R-rated teen party pic that’s being referred to as “The Hangover on crack”. Produced by TODD PHILLIPS and directed by NIMA NOURIZADEH from a script by MICHAEL BACALL and MATT DRAKE, the cast of (mostly) unknowns features THOMAS MANN, JONATHAN DANIEL BROWN, OLIVER COOPER, DAX FLAME, KIRBY BLISS BLANTON, ALEXIS KNAPP and MILES TELLER.
Given the preponderance of “politically incorrect” behavior in the film (teen sex, binge drinking, drug use and racial/sexual pejoratives), there’s not much doubt it will be targeted by a few special interest groups and that holds little concern for producer PHILLIPS who tells us that his best defense against protests is not to acknowledge or respond to them. ( CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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PROJECT X opens in theaters Friday