wanderlustCurrently in theaters and sinking like a stone on the box office chart, the very under appreciated WANDERLUST is a much better comedy than the attendance records would lead you to believe. From the creators of the cult classic WET, HOT, AMERICAN SUMMER, movie tells the tale of disgruntled Manhattanites who find themselves taking up residence in a secluded hippie commune populated with crazy throwbacks and the promise of free love.

Co-written (with long-time collaborator KEN MARINO) and directed by DAVID WAIN, the cast includes JENNIFER ANISTON, PAUL RUDD, JUSTIN THEROUX, MALIN AKERMAN, ALAN ARKIN, LAUREN AMBROSE and KATHRYN HAHN.
Showing a bit more skin than audiences might expect, ANISTON’S performance might surprise some people and at the press conference to promote the film, she talked about working naked in front of the camera. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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WANDERLUST is in theaters now