john-carter-of-mars-image-1Opening in theaters next month, JOHN CARTER is an epic sci-fi adventure about a Civil War vet who is  suddenly  transported to Mars where he finds himself in the midst of a much bigger war than anything he experienced on Earth. Based on a series of stories by TARZAN author EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS, the film is being released in conjunction with the centennial anniversary of the character’s debut.
Marking the live-action directorial debut of ANDREW STANTON (THE INCREDIBLES), the cast includes TAYLOR KITSCH, LYNN COLLINS and WILLEM DeFOE.
During interviews to promote the movie, STANTON revealed that he’d first discovered (and fell for) the JOHN CARTER stories back in the ’70s and dreamed that someday he’d be involved in bringing them to the screen. What he didn’t realize was that it would prove to be such a Herculean task, he never had the chance to realize he was living out his dream. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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JOHN CARTER opens in theaters 3/9