this-means-warOpening in theaters this week, THIS MEANS WAR is a slight romantic comedy that pits two CIA agent pals against each other when they both fall for the same girl. Directed by McG from a screenplay by TIMOTHY DOWLING and SIMON KINBERG, the principal cast consists of REESE WITHERSPOON, CHRIS PINE and TOM HARDY, with support from CHELSEA HANDLER, LAURA VANDERVORT, ABIGAIL SPENCER, ANGELA BASSETT and DAVE KOECHNER.
Oscar-winning actress WITHERSPOON has a film resume that runs the gamut from the great (ELECTION, WALK THE LINE) to the not-so-great (FOUR CHRISTMASES, LITTLE NICKY).During a recent interview, she talked to us about how she makes important career choices. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THIS MEANS WAR opens in theaters Friday