man-on-ledge-elizabeth-banks2Currently in theaters, MAN ON A LEDGE is a multi-tiered caper drama that involves so much more than its simple title indicates. Sure, there IS a man on a ledge but we quickly find out it’s just a diversion for several other events. Directed by ASGER LETH from a script by PABLO F. FENJVES, the cast includes SAM WORTHINGTON, ELIZABETH BANKS, JAIMIE BELL and ANTHONY MACKIE.
BANKS plays a police negotiator called in (by request, no less) to try and get the seemingly suicidal titular character back in the building. Shot on location, much of her action actually took place on a high-rise ledge many stories in the air. During our recent interview, she talked about her first experience doing wire-work. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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MAN ON A LEDGE is in theaters now