drive-blu-rayArriving on DVD and Blu-ray today, DRIVE is a moody thriller that centers on a Hollywood stunt driver who makes the mistake of agreeing to drive a getaway car for his neighbor’s ex-con husband. When the job goes wrong, he’s tagged as a target and forced to go on a run for his life. Directed by NICOLAS WINDING REFN, the cast includes RYAN GOSLING, CHRISTINA HENDRICKS, RON PERLMAN, BRYAN CRANSTON, CAREY MULLIGAN and ALBERT BROOKS (in a performance that should have Oscar nominated).
Considered “leading man” material since his role in THE NOTEBOOK, GOSLING tends to dismiss any talk of his sex-symbol status. During our interview at the tine of the film’s original release, he joked about his work as a character actor. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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DRIVE arrives on DVD and Blu-ray today