Judy Greer (Two and a Half Men), mainly known for her comedic work, delivers an inspired dramatic performance in The Descendants, playing a woman who discovers her real estate agent hubby (Matthew Lilllard) had an affair.  During the movie’s third chapter, Greer’s confrontation with her soulmate’s mistress is both heartbreaking, evocative, and in true Alexander Payne form, painfully funny.

Actors who have yet to find their footing in the audition process may look to Greer for some quirky yet potent advice.  The actress, who also starred in the short-lived TV sitcoms Mad Love and Miss Guided, explains in the following clip why she would rather be nearly late to her auditions.  She also talks about wearing the same outfit for good luck during pilot season.  Click on the media bar to hear the actress, who was also terrific in the indie dramedy Barry Munday, elaborate on her eccentric audition approach:

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Starring George Clooney, The Descendants is now playing in select theaters.

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