friends-with-benefits-2011-blu-ray-rip-coverAvailable Friday on DVD and Blu-ray, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS is an R-rated romantic comedy about a pair of friends who mistakenly believe that sex without emotional involvement is a viable long-term plan. Directed by WILL GLUCK (EASY A), the cast includes MILA KUNIS, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, PATRICIA CLARKSON, JENNA ELFMAN, BRIAN GREENBERG, WOODY HARRELSON and ANDY SAMBERG.
A former child star who struck it big with the ultimate boy band, ‘NSYNC, before hitting the stadium circuit as a solo singer, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has spent the last couple of years reinventing himself as a movie star. Proving to be as adept at being a leading man as he is a supporting player, he’s appeared in such films as ALPHA DOG, THE SOCIAL NETWORK and BAD TEACHER. During our recent interview, he talked about doing a romantic comedy and why the R rating was important to him. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS is available Friday on DVD and Blu-ray