‘The Double’ Star Topher Grace Admits He Plays Well With Others

doubleArriving in theaters today, THE DOUBLE is a throwback to the classic espionage thrillers of the ’60s and ’70s and centers on a pair of mismatched American agents on the hunt for a notorious international assassin. Directed by MICHAEL BRANDT from a script he co-wrote with DEREK HAAS, the film displays a series of twists and turns as it plays out its complex cat and mouse game. A modern morality tale, the film employs an ensemble cast that includes RICHARD GERE, TOPHER GRACE, STEPHEN MOYER, ODETTE YUSTMAN, MARTIN SHEEN and STANA KATIC.
Probably best known as one of the stars of the hugely popular (and endlessly re-run) sitcom THAT ’70s SHOW, TOPHER GRACE had no trouble segueing to the big screen in such ensemble films as TRAFFIC, OCEAN’S 11 and VALENTINE’S DAY. During our interview last week, he talked about his preference of working with groups. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE DOUBLE opens in theaters today

Anton Yelchin Takes A Giant Leap Of Faith With ‘Like Crazy’

like_crazyArriving in select theaters today, LIKE CRAZY is a low-budget romantic drama centered on a young couple in love and separated by a series of bad judgement calls and an unforgiving bureaucratic system. A hit at the Sundance Film Festival and the subject of a much publicized bidding war, the film is unusual in that it is almost completely improvised. Directed by DRAKE DOREMUS, the cast includes ANTON YELCHIN, FELICITY JONES, JENNIFER LAWRENCE, FINOLA HUGHES and CHRIS MESSINA.
Talking with entertainment press about the project, YELCHIN confessed that his previous experience with improv acting was pretty much confined to an episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. Obviously pleased with the results of LIKE CRAZY, he admitted this was a special assignment. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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LIKE CRAZY opens in select theaters today

‘Grimm’ Brings Classic Fairy Tales To A Ghoulish New Beginning

grimm-poster-426x268Premiering tonight on NBC-TV, GRIMM is yet another series bent on putting a modern spin on classic fairy tales. At its core, a contemporary police procedural that incorporates supernatural elements via a detective who discovers he’s descended from a long line of “hunters” able to recognize creatures recreating fairy tale crimes in our world (in tonight’s pilot, he’s on the trail of a serial killing predator who preys on little girls wearing red hoodies). A nicely shot drama infused with a fair amount of humor, the high-concept show will probably be a hard sell but will pay-off for those willing to check it out. Produced by WILL & GRACE star SEAN HAYES, the series stars DAVID GIUNTOLI and RUSSELL HORNSBY.
We spoke with HAYES a few months ago and he explained how the show came to be. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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GRIMM debuts tonight on NBC-TV

Joely Richardson Loves Shakespeare (No Matter Who He Really Was)

anonymousOpening in theaters today, ANONYMOUS is a stylish period piece speculating on the long-held myth that the works of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE were really penned by someone else. A prickly issue in the world of literary scholars, it’s a premise usually taken up by pretentious college freshmen and never taken too seriously but, under the direction of ROLAND EMMERICH (from a script by JOHN ORLOFF), the film makes good use of the conceit as a jumping off point in a political thriller about the succession of Queen Elizabeth I. Heading up the substantial cast are RHYS IFANS, JOELY RICHARDSON, VANESSA REDGRAVE, DAVID THEWLIS, RAFE SPALL and SEBASTIAN ARMESTO.
In Manhattan last week to promote the film, RICHARDSON told us how much she appreciates the work of SHAKESPEARE, no matter who actually wrote it. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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ANONYMOUS opens in theaters today

An All-Star Cast Brings The Laughs To MTV’s ‘Good Vibes’

good-vibesIt’s a big night for MTV. Following the highly anticipated (well, by some, anyway) return of BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD, the new animated series GOOD VIBES might surprise folk with its impressive list of credits. Created by DAVID GORDON GREEN, the voice cast includes JOSH GAD, ADAM BRODY, JAKE BUSEY, OLIVIA THIRLBY and DEBI MAZAR. Centered on a nerdy, overweight kid from the East whose mom relocates them to a West Coast beach community, this fish-out-of-water tale is like a twisted (and dirtier) version of typical teenage surf movies.
At a press conference to promote the series, JAKE BUSEY (whose dad, GARY, starred in the classic surf movie, BIG WEDNESDAY) talked about his father’s influence and how much he’s enjoying the new show. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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GOOD VIBES premieres tonight on MTV