During the weekend press junket of Immortals, Stephen Dorff joked that he ate cheeseburgers to prepare for his role as Stavros, Theseus’ right hand man in the Tarsem directed feature.  And since this writer’s imagination is not as vivid as Tarsem or Mr. Dorff, you, dear reader, were inflicted with the inane headline (my apologies!).

In the following clip, Dorff delves into the training process for Immortals, as he got into “crazy shape” for the role: 

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If fans can’t wait until November 11th (Immortals’ opening date) to see Dorff in tip-top shape, I suggest renting director Mike Figgis‘ 2003 thriller Cold Creek Manor.  It’s far from Figgis’ best work, but Dorff delivers a suitably menacing performance as a former house owner who wreaks havoc on the property’s new inhabitants (which include Sharon Stone, Dennis Quaid, and Kristen Stewart).  If my disjointed memory serves me right, he sports a six-pack in the film.

But anyways, it’s too early in the day for me to be thinking about Dorff’s abs, so here’s the trailer for Immortals (opening Friday), check out Cold Creek Manor if you’re into guilty pleasures, but if you really want to see a quality Dorff project, last year’s Somewhere is a great place to start.

What are some of your favorite Dorff movies?  Please tell me it’s not Feardotcom or Alone in the Dark!  Are you excited for Immortals or does it resemble a 300 knockoff?  Give us your opinions!!

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