pryor-meets-murphyDespite having an interest in starring as his old pal RICHARD PRYOR in a big screen biopic, comic actor EDDIE MURPHY says it’s not likely to happen. Speaking to reporters at a press conference to support his upcoming ensemble comedy, TOWER HEIST, MURPHY said that he’s actually seen writer/director BILL CONDON’S script and attended a couple of meetings about the proposed project but doesn’t feel it’s going to come to fruition. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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As for TOWER HEIST, MURPHY is back to form after a series of family aimed films and shares the screen with BEN STILLER, ALAN ALDA, TEA LEONI, CASEY AFFLECK, MATTHEW BRODERICK and GABOUREY SIDIBE under the direction of BRETT RATNER. A comedy caper movie reminiscent of such films as OCEAN’S 11 and THE HOT ROCK, it could be one of this season’s biggest draws.
TOWER HEIST opens in theaters Friday