justin-timberlake-in-time_550x366In theaters later this month, IN TIME is a sci-fi action adventure set in a future where time is literally money and the rich live forever while the poor are programmed to expire at the age of 25. When a blue-collar worker suddenly finds himself rolling in enough time to live for centuries, he’s accused of murder and forced to run for his life. Written and directed by ANDREW NICCOL, the photogenic young cast includes JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, AMANDA SEYFRIED, OLIVIA WILDE, MATT BOMER, ALEX PETTYFER, VINCENT KARTHEISER and CILLIAN MURPHY.
As the falsely accused protagonist, TIMBERLAKE does more than his fair share of running, jumping and stunt work. And he appears to be having a blast doing it. During last weekend’s press conference, he admitted that it was like living out a childhood dream. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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IN TIME opens in theaters 10/28