jeffrey-wright-ides-of-march1Arriving in theaters next week, the highly anticipated THE IDES OF MARCH is a political thriller that follows the rise and fall of a presidential candidate press rep who discovers the hard way the realities of backroom political backstabbing and betrayal. Co-written and directed by GEORGE CLOONEY (who also stars) from the play, FARRAGUT NORTH, by BEAU WILLIMON, the cast also includes PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN, MARISA TOMEI, PAUL GIAMATTI, JEFFREY WRIGHT, MAX MINGHELLA and EVAN RACHEL WOOD.
Cast in the role of a manipulative senator, JEFFREY WRIGHT was in his element, having grown up in Washington with an interest in politics. At the recent Toronto press conference to promote the film, WRIGHT agreed with CLOONEY that the story could have been set in any field but said he felt a familiarity with the territory. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE IDES OF MARCH opens in theaters 10/7