Harrison Ford, whose stoic demeanor makes him a perfect fit for Westerns (think today’s version of Gary Cooper), plays Woodrow Dolarhyde, a hardened Civil War vet turned cattle baron in Cowboys & Aliens.

“It’s first and foremost a Western,” says Ford.  “And then weird things happen and it goes back to being a Western.  And that to me was very interesting.  And I got the chance to play a character very different to most of the characters I play.”

Daniel Craig also stars as a mysterious loner who teams up with Dolaryhyde and his gang to stop the aliens who threaten the New Mexico town of Absolution.

Although the Cowboys & Aliens screenplay had more exposition and backstory regarding Dolaryhyde, Ford believes a key to good screenwriting is by revealing a character through his behavior and actions.

Click on the media bar and listen to Ford explain how Woodrow Dolarhyde changed as a character from script to screen.

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Cowboys & Aliens, co-starring Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde, is now playing.

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