Jim Caviezel’s career took off thanks to his work in director Terrence Malick’s epic World War II film The Thin Red Line, and one can expect a similar trajectory with Jessica Chastain, who plays a 1950s Texas homemaker in Malick’s latest picture, The Tree of Life.

To watch a Malick film one must be open to stories that don’t conform to a predictable linear narrative, and many of his character’s hopes and dreams are expressed through their innermost thoughts (via Malick’s frequent use of voiceover).

“It was an incredible emotional journey for me,” says Chastain, who will be seen later this year in The Debt.  “To play this woman, it’s like I got to enrich this small kernel of grace in myself and live this life exploring compassion and gratitude and cultivating joy.  And I’ll always take that with me.  (Terrence Malick) also taught me about living in the moment and not planning anything.  And I’ll take that with me in my life, and also in my acting.”

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Over the Memorial Day Weekend, The Tree of Life took in over $488,000, as it played in just four theaters (the film will expand to eight new markets this weekend).

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi