Amber Heard (Zombieland, Drive Angry 3D) is a cast member of the upcoming series The Playboy Club, a 1960s drama set in the famed Playboy Club in Chicago.  In the show, which co-stars Eddie Cibrian as a high powered attorney and ladies man, Heard plays Maureen, a troubled bunny who accidentally kills a mob boss.

While promoting her upcoming film The Ward, Heard talked about The Playboy Club. “What I love about the series is there is so much texture and I feel that it is a very rich platform,” said Heard, who admitted that wearing the bunny outfit is ‘very uncomfortable.’  “It’s full of all these different elements. From music and dance, performances in a classical sense to the crime and sex and love and social revolution.  Everything that was going on at the time.  Just the music of that era is exciting and fun and different than we have today.  I am so excited on so many different levels about the project.  I have very high expectations of it and I hope it’s as wonderful as I think it can be.”

Click on the media bar and listen to Heard talk about meeting former Playboy bunnies, and she also offers up her thoughts on Hugh Hefner: [MEDIA=4694] 

The Playboy Club premieres this fall on NBC (Monday nights, 10 pm et/pt).   The Ward, directed by John Carpenter, opens July 8th.

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi

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