Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a rebellious drifter who changes the lives of a family struggling with grief in the drama Hesher. Produced by Natalie Portman (who also stars in the picture), Hesher opens nationwide May 13th.  While promoting his latest film, Gordon-Levitt was asked about reuniting with Inception filmmaker Christopher Nolan for The Dark Knight Rises (opening July 20th, 2012).

“I’m incredibly excited to work with Chris again,” said Levitt. “And it is funny that we’re talking about him here at a Hesher junket.  Because that is what I love so much about working with Chris and what I love so much about his movies and what I think everyone loves about his movies. They have the dignity of a movie that doesn’t care about what Hollywood says, doesn’t care about the market research, the committees, none of that.  He’s a storyteller, and he tells his story.  And the same goes for Spencer Sussser, who wrote and directed Hesher. Clearly not the movie you are going to make if your goal is to make money or your goal was to climb the ladder in Hollywood.  He is telling a story because it came from him, it came from his heart.  It’s a personal story, and he put a lot of passion and care into it and that’s why the movie turned out good.  Nolan comes from the same place.  Memento was a Sundance movie. Whether you are making huge blockbuster or little independent films, the purity of intention to me is what attracts me to working with filmmakers.”

And speaking of “purity of intention,” Gordon-Levitt is also the creator of Hitrecord.org, a site which enables people to collaborate and share their material with other artists.  Click on the media bar and listen to Gordon-Levitt elaborate on his production company.

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi