Director Robert Redford’s latest film The Conspirator centers on the life of Mary Surratt (Robin Wright), a widow who owned the boarding house where John Wilkes Booth (Toby Kebbell) and other conspirators planned Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.  “It’s really about a mother’s love for her son,” said Redford.  “Because her sacrifice of herself, her stubbornness, and her feistiness really has to do with protecting her son.  That interested me, the emotionality of that.”

James McAvoy (The Last Station) also stars as Union hero turned lawyer Frederick Aiken who defends Surratt before a military tribunal.  “I’ve made films over the years that were high budget and very, very low budget,” said Redford, who also directed Quiz Show and Lions for Lambs. “And when you put them all together the most enjoyable ones were the low budget films.”

Click on the media bar and listen to Redford talk about his love for storytelling. 

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The Conspirator opens in select cities Friday.

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“I always look to the next project, whether it’s acting or directing, to learn something new about myself,” said former Friends star David Schwimmer, who directed and produced the new drama Trust. “I look at my career as a continuing education.  I learned a lot on this film.  I’m sure I’ll continue to grow and learn more over the years.  I hope to be doing this a long time and apply what I learned to the next (project) and do a better job.”

Trust focuses on a 14-year-old girl (Liana Liberato) who is raped by a man she first met during an online chat session.  The tragedy takes a devastating toll on her father (Clive Owen), who endangers his career and family in a determined quest to find his daughter’s rapist.

The story was inspired by Mr. Schwimmer’s involvement as a member of the Board of Directors of the Rape Foundation in Santa Monica, Ca.  “I’ve met countless child victims of rape and sexual abuse and their parents,” said Schwimmer, who has been supporting the foundation’s work at the Rape Treatment Center for over ten years.  “I also befriended some guys from the FBI that were consultants on the movie and some of the therapists there.”  Click on the media bar and listen to the director discuss how a rape victim’s father inspired him to direct Trust (the movie is based on a story by Schwimmer and the screenplay was penned by his close friend, novelist Andy Bellin).

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  Co-starring Catherine Keener and Viola Davis, Trust is now playing in select theaters.

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'Jim Quick Down South' album Jim Quick Music© 2011 All Rights Reserved

'Jim Quick Down South' album Jim Quick Music© 2011 All Rights Reserved

Jim Quick who has established his musical reputation and permanent place at center stage in venues across the Southeast with a devoted group of concertgoers known as the Coastline Crazies.

He will finally release his first solo album, Down South that will be produced by music-master.

With the plan to take the divergent sound mainstream, Gary Nicholson will be releasing the album through iSuwanee Records/Quick-Warren Entertainment and available via all major digital outlets May 17. (Distributed by Hit Brothers Records/Sony Red Distribution).

The album’s fourteen tracks deliver what Crazies have come to expect from Quick: everything from hard-driving Carolina back-beats to Georgia Southern-rock, and Cajun inspired grooves to Texas and Delta blues. The patented sound of varied influences complemented by Quick’s sharp-witted delivery will lure more fans, listeners of country radio, as the title track is released to radioApril 25.

Jim Quick himself describes his music as “a virtual American collaboration of every facet of Southern musical culture: Country, Blues, Southern-Soul, Southern-Rock with distinctive hints of ‘Appalachian’ impressions and New Orleans ‘Rag’ Jazz–where the farm boy meets the frat house.” While some may feel the bluesy-tinged music is an outlier on Country radio, Quick contends, “it ain’t so.”



It has been over 10 years since the release of Scream 3, and although Ghostface is still gleefully killing Woodsboro residents, the world of Scream has dramatically changed thanks to social networking and YouTube.  Wes Craven, who directed Red Eye and last year’s critically drubbed picture My Soul To Take, believes this was the perfect time to return to the franchise.

“When you do a film like My Soul To Take and people think it sucks, that hurts,” admits Craven.  “We put a lot of work into it and I think it’s a good film. But you go on.  That’s the good feeling about doing this film – it was getting back with old friends.  Working on something I thought was really good, and it was (a project) that had a chance of being a little bit more recognizable to an audience and (it would help) save my career!”

Click on the media bar and listen to Craven discuss why this was the perfect time to make Scream 4 (in the clip, he elaborates on how movies have changed thanks to social media). 

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Scream 4, which co-stars Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere, opens Friday.

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Kelsey Grammer in 2006

Kelsey Grammer’s new production company (G3 Productions) is reportedly developing a TV reality show from a current website.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the show will be gleaned from (that was picked up by where it apparently went viral), that is about the experiences of the three single NYC women.

Supposedly, the new reality show will be more of the same that’s been so popular with the website; about the three youngish women who suffer through daily life in the big city after experiencing life changing events.

Or something like that.