Friday Night Lights actress Aimee Teegarden stars in the new teen drama Prom, playing Nova Prescott, the class president and head of the prom committee at her school.

“As far as our similarities, but Nova and myself we always give 110% at anything we do and have a lot of ambition in life and we want to go out there and do great things,” said Teegarden during a press conference to promote the film.  “But as far as being involved in prom, for my own prom I wasn’t involved in the decorations or that kind of thing at the time.  I kind of felt I was a little too cool for school with my own prom.  Actually after doing this movie, I kind of regret not being involved with my own prom and kind of taking that moment in when I was in high school and enjoying that moment of sort of success.  You’re a couple of weeks away from high school and it may be the last time you’re actually going to see your friends and communicating with your peers.”

During the press conference, the cast and crew were asked to name their favorite high school films.  “I really loved An Education so much that I bought it on DVD and that doesn’t happen very often,” added the actress, who can also be seen in Scream 4. Click on the media bar and listen to Teegarden elaborate on why she loved the film that propelled Carey Mulligan’s career (Prom co-star Thomas McDonnell can also be heard on the clip). 

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Prom, directed by Joe Nussbaum (Sydney White) is now playing nationwide.

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi