"Baby Rock" in Tijuana

"Baby Rock" in Tijuana

The world famous Baby Rock Super Entertainment Complex and Nightclub in Tijuana, Mexico has re-opened under the ownership of celebrity nightclub impresario Armani Minasyan.

Baby Rock opened originally in 1989 and became the most successful nightclub in history.

Americans and Europeans discovered Baby rock in the year 2000.  From 1989 to 1994 Baby Rock was the #1 club in the world based on gross revenues.

Baby Rock is a U.S. company that operates under U.S. Laws and standards. And has a sister company in Mexico that operates the club with its own permits, etc.

This spectacular nightclub is inside a 7 story cave subterranean style that is emphasized throughout the venue and it has very generous space so everyone can dance comfortably or enjoy the entertainment from one of our 2 VIP floors or the exclusive private lounge underneath the club.

Armani says “ We see stars like Ryan Seacrest coming to Baja all the time,it’s very safe here and stars, and consumers are coming to Baby Rock and Baja, California and Tijuana every week. When people come to baby rock they can expect to have the time of their life, we have 7 levels of entertainment and fun happening.”

Over 250 stars from TV, film, and music have confirmed their attendance to perform and just enjoy a night at Baby Rock.

Armani Minasyan has become one of the key executives in a multi-million dollar government and private sector sponsored media campaign to strengthen Northern Baja`s Tourism and Economy permanently with a strong emphasis on upscale entertainment.