Ashton Shepherd courtesy Universal Music

Ashton Shepherd courtesy Universal Music

MCA Nashville singer/songwriter Ashton Shepherd will release a digital EP of four songs, including her current hit, Look It Up, tomorrow, March 22.

The EP also includes That’s Where Country Grows, the title track of her upcoming 10-song album, which will be released on June 7.

It’s the much-anticipated follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut, Sounds So Good, which garnered spots on many publications’ “Best of” lists.

Today Ashton discussed each song on the EP:

Look it Up (Angaleena Presley / Robert Ellis Orrall)

“The more I listened to it, the more I liked it. It got to where I was walking around singing it all the time. We got in the studio, and (producer) Buddy Cannon put on that wonderful production. And the players were having a ball with it. That thing just came to life. Everybody is reacting to it, and I’m super excited about it.

“’Look It Up’ is a song about somebody who is officially done with something to the point that they are really over it. It’s almost like they aren’t that mad anymore, just ready to be through with it, just done. ‘Done’ is a good word.

“This song is a real-people song. People go through it every day and people want to be over it. Even the people that aren’t over it and are still clinging to something, this is the song they need to hear to lighten their minds.”

That’s Where Country Grows (Ashton Shepherd / Bobby Pinson)

“The first time that Bobby and I worked together, I told him, ‘I have something called ‘Where Country Grows’ that I’ve been working on at home. My problem is that I’ve got some cool lines and ideas that I want to put into it, but I turn it into a ballad every time I work on it. And I don’t want it to be a ballad.’ He goes, ‘Oh, I’ve got you.’ He sits down and starts strumming his guitar and humming. Bobby starts putting the ideas into that form. Once I caught on, I went automatically into that niche he was doing. He’s very groove-oriented. That’s why this turned out to be something special.”

Beer on a Boat (Rhett Akins / Dallas Davidson / Ben Hayslip)

“Buddy Cannon, the people at the record company and I all really, really liked this song. We just weren’t sure how it would come across coming out of a female’s mouth. Each song on the record has its own little spot. Well, down where I live in the summertime, everybody goes to the river and hangs out. That’s going to be their song, I can tell you. When I listen to it, I just want to turn it up.”

More Cows Than People (Ashton Shepherd / Bobby Pinson)

“I love the way the lyric in this is just going bang-bang-bang. It turned out to be the cutest little song. I give credit to Bobby for the melody. He had this jiving little thing he was doing with the guitar. He’s so talented like that. He’s tickled that the song made the album, and I think it’s going to be a great song to perform live.”

This is an exciting time for Ashton, who is also expecting her second child in September. She is touring this summer and will perform at New York’s Joe’s Pub on Thursday, March 24 at 6:30 and 9 p.m. as part of the Country Music Association Songwriter Series that also features Deric Ruttan, Chris Wallin and Bob DiPiero.

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