“At the end of day, how much can you judge someone else’s existence and their life,” says Abbie Cornish, who stars with Bradley Cooper in the new drama Limitless .  “What it is that they choose to do?  As long as it’s not harming anyone else, I don’t know how much judgment can be placed upon it.  I kind of feel like that with a lot of things in life.”

A substantial portion of Cornish’s life is her dedication to being a vegetarian and supporting animal rights.  “But at the same time, I appreciate and respect other peoples’ decisions to eat meat,” said the Australian actress, who received accolades for her work in Bright Star. “The only thing that I hope is that people are educated, that they are aware, that they are living a conscious lifestyle.  The only time when my hair stands up is when someone is very ill informed, when they are arrogant, when they haven’t educated themselves and they feel like they know what is right but at the same time they haven’t explored the truth of the situation.”

Cornish grew up in a hobby farm (in Lochinvar) where the nearest corner store was 5 kilometers away, and the store was a “a post office, news agency, a fish and chips shop.” The nearest theater for the Australian actress was a 15-20 minute drive.  “You’re driving in the country, 80 kilometers an hour sometimes with no traffic, so it’s a fair way,” she adds.

Click on the media bar and listen to Cornish, whose previous credits include A Good Year and Stop Loss, discuss when she decided to become a vegetarian. 

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Limitless, which co-stars Robert De Niro and Anna Friel, opens Friday.

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