Christina Aguilera courtesy Nick Stepowyj (CC 2.0)

Christina Aguilera courtesy Nick Stepowyj (CC 2.0)

Not long after the last bar closed, Christina “voice of her generation” Aguilera and her gentlemanfriend were arrested TMZ reports.   Aguilera was booked for (suspicion of) public intoxication and her 25-year old honey (Matthew Rutler) was arrested for (suspicion of) DUI.

The couple found themselves at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s substation where Rutler‘s bail was reportedly set at $30,000.  Wow!  When I was a cop bail used to be like a grand.

TMZ says that their snitches tell them that Aguilera seemed to be “extremely intoxicated…unable to take care of herself.”

In a story we posted Friday, Us Weekly reported that family members of  Aguilera were concerned about the former Mickey Mouse Club star’s behavior, including allegedly doing erotic, amorous things with someone in the family bathroom.

“I’m also at the forefront. I’m in the power position, in complete command of everything around me,” Aguilera said five years ago when she changed her image with tatoos and piercings.  Maybe this is just another career change now that she’s turned an elderly 30.