Jessica Simpson courtesy John VanderHaagen (CC 2.0)

Jessica Simpson courtesy John VanderHaagen (CC 2.0)

Jessica Simpson reportedly loved margaritas, guacamole and other things usually not associated with weight loss.

Now at 30, Simpson is aware that it’s more trouble for her to maintain her statuesque frame than in earlier times.

The singer, actress, TV personality and fashion designer is engaged to Eric Johnson, variously described as a NFL free agent.

Well, Simpson doesn’t want to bust the seams of a trim wedding dress, so she’s hired celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who’s customized a routine that includes dance aerobics, ab work and strength training.

“She wants to look healthy,” Anderson tells Us Weekly.  After a few weeks of 75-minute, four-day-a-week workouts, “she’s seeing results,” says a pal. “She really loves it. She thinks it’s so much fun.” Anderson, who’s also worked with Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Richie, adds that the $1 billion fashion mogul “is in the mind-set that this is a big, forever lifestyle shift.”

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